Friday, January 21, 2011

The Time

So it's been a while since I have blogged... unfortunately I'm not going to do a large recap of all the great things that have happened in the past months, but instead reflect on the NOW and process my thoughts and feelings.

The Time is ripe
yet clouded with hopes and uncertain goals
deeply rooted in the faith of FUTURE
the fate of FUTURE
I certainly won't break the FUTURE
maybe add a little
the precious measure of greatness
seems to involve much more than heart and will
the active pursuit of a positive growth
allows one to move through the valleys
to face fear, temptation, doubt and truly achieve peace
brought forth from the tattooed belief in TRYING
there's no turning back once you've started
so proceed in order to go farther
affirm who you are
illuminate your shadow side
come unto the hands which have bled
the time has come for reflection
the time has come to be present
the time has come to worry no more but rest with effort
give what you can and stand
willing.... in ... the time

I'm ready to move to do great things.... sometimes I'm uncertain of my calling. I know what I hunger for, I know what I'm capable of, I know what's possible.... I have a lot of work ahead of me. Support from others helps... sometimes it's someone seeing something that I don't which makes all the difference. I'm proud to be me and am thankful and over blessed.

Lord please prep my heart for all you have designed it for. I'm ready to go right now. It is time for your love.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


John 15: 16 "You have not chosen me, I chose you."

Last night I wrote and recorded this week's G.O.D. Friday track "Put It On Me". It was another long night of creating, but a fruitful one. In the process of writing I looked up many different scriptures that might relate to Christ putting on our sin. In the course of writing I came a across the scripture verse from John above. God isn't begging us to choose Him because He already chose us! How powerful is this concept and well stated by Christ. For this reason, I decided to put this verse in the song.

Well, I had more confirmation that God is present in my writing and recording process... Today I embarked on a Journey to San Lorenzo Franciscan Seminary in Santa Ynez California for a Chaminade High School Retreat. Once we arrived to the very scenic and secluded retreat center it was time to eat! While eating I looked up and saw a large piece of art hanging on the wall which read "You have not chosen me, I chose you". I was in awe and thought immediately back to that lyric used in my song merely hours before I arrived at the center. To me this is no coincidence and I've very aware God's hand in the creation of G.O.D. Music. I'm also aware that He chose me and I must respond accordingly.

In faith,


Saturday, November 6, 2010

GOD's Got Me Covered

Today was a great day it was a G.O.D. Day. That's right... I released my first track called "Covered by the Blood" compliments of G.O.D.(Giving Others Depth) Music. Yes, it was a lot of work and I didn't get much sleep last night, but it was completely worth it. I'm thankful with how the song turned out. Jeffrey Dufresne had an amazing feature on the track and overall I really was feelin the vibe.

The day was not only great because I released new music to praise God, but I was able to continue my everyday work in ministry at Chaminade Middle School and High School. I truly value my job as Pastoral Associate. The ability to minister to the youth daily brings purpose to my life. I'm extremely blessed. On top of everything I had the privilege of being a guest on the BUSTED HALO SHOW on the Catholic Channel on Sirius & XM radio. On the show, I conversed with host Fr. Dave Dwyer about the G.O.D. Friday movement. They played a portion of the song I released and it was a really fun interview. It was truly a G.O.D. Friday!

Well the my day is just now coming to an end at 1am but 20 mins ago something pretty big happened. I was in my car, and as I turned up the volume of my radio I heard my song "Covered By The Blood". I had a double take because my iphone wasn't plugged in or playing the song... I was listening to the re-run of the Busted Halo Show from earlier today. I've been on the show quite a few times before but never was able to hear my music from the radio speakers. A big smile came across my face because I thought to myself "wow, my song was just on the radio... I made that song last night and now it could possibly be in the minds and hearts of all listening to the Catholic Channel."

Only with God could something like this happen. Yes, I put work in, but it was for His Glory and for the GOOD of His People. It was at this moment I knew God's Got Me Covered... with His blood... His love... His mercy... His opportunity and so much more.

Praise Him!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Lately I've been pretty inspired.... Inspired by God, creation, and especially those sharing their gifts and talents with the world. One person that comes to mind is KANYE WEST. Yes, he's had his failings, but haven't we all. Every Friday till Christmas Kanye releases a new FREE track off his website It's called G.O.O.D. Music which stands for (GETTING OUT OUR DREAMS). He brings on all kinds of artists and makes good music to share with the world. This is a true artist. He feeds off sharing art! It's a movement of creativity and I'm a big fan!

Monday, during all saints day mass, I had a revelation. If Kanye can maintain inspiration to write and record a track once a week... why can't I? So after a lot of thought and prayer I have decided to go for it! I will be giving out G.O.D. (GIVING OTHERS DEPTH) Music every Friday until Christmas. I want to push myself to share the gift of music with others that propels them to go deeper. With this depth new levels of spirituality may arise, relationships may be healed, prayers may be made, bibles may be read....the possibilities are endless. We as a human family need to dig deeper into our true self... the reason God made us. I will be featuring different artists on the G.O.D. Friday releases. The first track COVERED BY THE BLOOD will feature HiP HoP Artist KNU ERA.

So come back FRIDAY to receive some G.O.D. MUSIC!



Friday, October 22, 2010

No Boundaries

They say I have no boundaries
like I can't be contained
well to an extent their right
because I live by faith
I'll set the world on fire, any time any place
I do it all for the glory of God that makes
me just a servant on my way
doin what I'm supposed to do
Hail Mary pace
full of joy face
relate to all people
catholic ways
but sometimes the catholic weight
of stuck prejudgement gets in my space
like dang is it really one of those days?
I get resistance for the way I share my faith
what I say is sacred..... okay
I wouldn't say it if it was fake...... okay
I come bearing truth
which you can leave or take
ohhh... it too much
sorry! Please don't dislike me
my language isn't harming
quite the contrary
it's the harvest I'm farming
to just raise your vision above the crops to the top
Lord I'm giving you my all, everything I got
be with me when I fall
don't let me prayers stop
for in your word I reside
it is my are my light
a lamp unto my feet
but now I gotta sleep
Amen to you... I do believe

Friday, October 15, 2010

Radical Reflection Causes Internal Tension

There are times when my heart is conflicted due to the reception of my radical ways of expressing my faith. I pray that all hearts are changed to glorify God. Including my own.

I am aware my faith is different. My relationship with God isn’t average by any means. The lens I see God and the way He works is a gift. However, sometimes for others it’s hard to be open to this perspective. I gave a reflection yesterday to 1000 high school students and teachers in which I broke down the 1st four years of Mary’s life in as if she was currently in high school. I described how frightening it might have been to witness an angel telling you that you will become pregnant with the Son of God when you have no relations with a man. I then expressed that the Angel Gabriel said not to worry that they Holy Spirit would come upon her and take care of business. Sure some listening may consider that statement a bit radical or tasteless… but I’m not really bending the truth by any means. That actually happened. It’s the concept is not normal, in fact it’s out of this world....but it's God's concept, not mine! It doesn’t make sense to the human being… seems impossible. I wanted my listeners to grasp the concept that God calls us to higher things even when we don’t understand it. It is our faith that will always provide clarity. I then proceeded to explain how Mary traveled 80 miles with her husband Joseph while being extremely pregnant in order to give birth to Jesus in Bethlehem. I can’t imagine a pregnant woman traveling that far much less on a donkey. Then I touched on Jesus beginning teething at the age of 1-2.

Sometimes we don’t know what the reality is unless we put ourselves in the position to receive the truth. That’s was my plan of attack to allow students to feel what mary felt in ordinary human terms. I had no intention of downplaying the sacredness of this event that jumpstarted the redemptive work of Christ.

Currently, I’m struggling because I believe that the Holy Spirit inspired my perspective and helped me write my reflection. I have ran into these issues before where I feel I’m doing exactly what God wants me to do but it doesn’t fit the norm of society. There are times when I feel that my faith is too radical for some. I am unsure if I should tone it down or remain true to who I am. When these issues came to my attention I of course turn directly to prayer. Whenever I’m in conflict I’d rather go to my advocate and counselor, the Holy Spirit, in hopes to receive comfort and direction.

I recall in college when I rapped in Mass some people didn’t approve, & others enjoyed it. Yesterday, when I spoke I believe a lot of student took valuable messages away from my reflection and some were turned off. When looking at my situation and comparing it to Christ… I think he probably experienced an internal storm as well. Many people heard Christ teaching some connected with the truth and others rejected it immediately. He had a lot of followers, and he had a lot of people who were against him. In yesterday’s reading Jesus said, Blessed are you when they insult you and persecute you and utter every kind of evil against you (falsely) because of me.Rejoice and be glad, for your reward will be great in heaven.

Maybe I’m experiencing the Gospel live. Maybe I do need to change my perspective on the way I express my faith. I am turning 25 years old and feel extremely developed in my faith however, still feel I have the faith of a child.

I’m not stubborn in who I am. I always ready to be molded and changed. That’s part of my covenant with God. Take me as I am… Show me Your Plan. Lord it is my prayer that I may work through this conflict and Glorify you in all I do and say. Praise be your holy name always.


Monday, September 13, 2010

A Toast

I Find that Never
God will cease to amaze me
providing provision
From my thoughts to my grace be
Face me this is REAL TALK see
I've been inspired before
but now you can't erase me
Yeah! Who knew I'd have the opportunity
to view a displayed live played
great artist who's faith
hit rock bottom, and he lost his way
but found he had to let go of who he was then
become a better man and be one now
WOW! I was right there... JAMMIN So hard cuz
and his vibes are alive
as he swiftly apologized
dang! what a night
Airtime coast to coast
Hands up, let's make a toast!

Wow! Once again I have good news to report. I had the incredible opportunity to be in the Nokia Center as Kanye West performed a brand new song toasting to his imperfections, problems, and everything he wasn't proud of. Not only did I witness one of my all time favorite artists perform live, I was touching the stage! That's right, thanks to I won a ticket to be a part of Kanye's closing performance in the pit with all the other 400 Kanye fans. I was Jammin' sooo hard. I truly feel the music and vibe off his creativity. Not everyone feels the way I do, but I am so thankful I was able to participate in his performance. Stars/ Celebrities are cool and all, but I wouldn't have wanted to see any other artist perform than KANYE WEST. He is seeking redemption for his mistakes. It's not easy but he's making progress. I'm proud of Ye.

I'm thankful to God for this opportunity! What a night... let's make a toast!


p.s. the pic above is Me and Ye.